We are experts in remote recording technologies, meaning location is never a problem: if you’re in Los Angeles and your artist is in London (or vice versa) CKUK can put you together. Because we are located close to Ealing Studios, Pinewood and other major UK film studios, production companies have often found us to be a convenient place to record actors working in the UK. The studio is very comfortable, discreet and well-appointed and we know how to look after people. Regular visitors have included prominent actors like Dame Judi Dench, Juliet Stevenson, Brian Blessed, Honor Blackman and many others.

Dame judi dench with Ckuk director chris kent

Dame judi dench with Ckuk director chris kent

We offer:

  • ISDN - both MPEG and APTx with unrivalled experience at making connections work and sessions run seamlessly
  • Source Connect - we are a Certified Source Connect studio
  • ipDTL/Source Connect Now - browser-based IP technologies allowing high quality connections even if you don’t have access to a studio
  • Skype/phone patch - sometimes a phone or Skype call is enough, and the CKUK studio is set up so you can participate fully in the session, with talkback to talent and engineer plus full playback of recordings
  • Rapid file delivery - if we’re recording at our end (and we will record a backup even if you’re recording at your end) we will transfer audio files to you (raw or full edited, whichever you prefer) swiftly, usually within a couple of hours of the session