Volvo Cars

When the Swedish car manufacturer wanted to localise content for its website lifestyle pages, it turned to CKUK for help. We commissioned translations, cast voices, and recorded in French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Japanese, turning the project round in less than a week.

Channel 4 - The Bombing War

Channel 4 and award-winning German film makers Studio Hamburg originally approached CKUK director and leading voiceover Chris Kent to narrate their documentary about the bombing campaigns of World War 2. But the film also featured interviews with survivors, many of whom were now quite elderly. The producers wanted to dub all the German interviews with English voices but felt it was important they should sound the right age. So CKUK went to work to source a team of senior British actors from our extensive network of contacts and recorded the whole project over a couple of fascinating days in the CKUK studio. The end result was highly acclaimed in the press here and abroad.

SKF News

With over 100 production sites around the world and representation in more than 130 countries, Swedish engineering giant SKF Group needs to keep its multinational workforce in touch. Working closely with our Swedish partner studio in Gothenburg, CKUK helps produce the company’s quarterly news bulletin SKF News in French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, German, Brazilian Portuguese and Chinese, offering project management, translation, subtitling and voice-over recording services.

Diabetes UK

Leading charity Diabetes UK approached CKUK when it wanted to provide audio information to non-English speakers within South Asian communities in the UK, where there is an usually high incidence of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. We were able to commission translations then cast and record actors in Bengali, Urdu and Hindi for a series of informational and dramatised audio presentations which have widely praised by healthcare and community organisations.

And others

BBC Sport: Casting and recording Australian voices for promos for the Investec Ashes series
Apple: Subtitling and recording multilingual versions of sales training materials
Cisco: Ongoing corporate narration recordings in UK & US English, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Korean